Path to Finding the Jewels of Happiness – Review

Path to Finding The Jewels of Happiness

by Michelangelo Croce

     Are you truly happy?  Have you sought happiness in your career, relationships, material possessions or wealth only to realize that once attained happiness still eluded you?  Are you frustrated and unsure where to turn or where to go to find happiness?  If so, The Jewels of Happiness by Sri Chinmoy (Watkins Publishing 2010) is for you.

Sri Chinmoy gives the reader a map and a key to open the elusive treasure of happiness. This book cannot be read like others.  One must savor each word like a delicious fruit or candy letting it slowly melt in your mouth in order to get the full concentration. (more…)

Break Down the Wall

Each moment we see right in front of us a barrier between one human being and another — an admantine wall between two people. We cannot communicate properly, wholeheartedly and soulfully. Why? Because we are wanting in love. Love is our inseparable oneness with the rest of the world, the entire creation. We can break asunder this adamantine wall on the strength of our soulful love.

(excerpted from The Jewels of Happiness, pg.25) by Sri Chinmoy

The Hope of Newness

Every day must come to you as a new hope, a new promise, a new aspiration, a new energy, a new thrill and a new delight. Tomorrow will dawn, and you have already seen thousands of days. If you think that tomorrow will be another day like those that you have already seen, then you will make no progress. You have to feel that tomorrow will be something absolutely new that you are going to create in your life.

 (excerpted from The Jewels of Happiness, pg.58) by Sri Chinmoy

Overcoming Tension

We can have more joy and less tension in life only in self-giving, not in demanding. When there is tension it is only because we want something to be done in our way while others want it done in their way. Tension starts in the mind because we see light in one way and others see light in some other way. So there is no peace, no poise, only tension.

 (excerpted from The Jewels of Happiness, pg.46) by Sri Chinmoy