My Experiences With Meditation

Lunthitaby Lunthita Duthely

How I became interested in meditation

We all reach a certain point in our lives where we begin searching for more direction, something more meaningful—a higher purpose in life. My early beginnings with meditation consisted of “tagging” along with friends. I dabbled in the practice of meditation for several years, but suddenly, an urgency came over me, and I began seeking for a deeper understanding about life and about myself. I knew that the practice of meditation was the key. And so it began, nearly 25 years ago, and I have meditated every day of my life since then.


Songs Of The Soul Concert

Songs oSongsOfTheSoul-240x180f the Soul enchanted a full house at the Miramar Cultural Center. Each listener experienced journey to realms of beauty and peace. The soul-stirring music of Maestro Sri Chinmoy was performed by accomplished musicians from 13 nations.

Below are few impressions from the listeners

I really felt blessed for the opportunity to enjoy this amazing, blissful concert last night! Amazing, joyful, spiritual, if I could only have more words to describe!
-Sylvia Edgell
Arthur and I enjoyed a wonderful experience last night at the Miramar Cultural Center, very uplifting in these times of instability. May the cast of performers be rewarded for their generosity in bringing so much joy to the audience.

Songs of the SoulCelebrating the Music of Maestro Sri Chinmoy
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