My Experiences With Meditation


Lunthitaby Lunthita Duthely

We all reach a certain point in our lives where we begin searching for more direction, something more meaningful—a higher purpose in life. My early beginnings with meditation consisted of “tagging” along with friends. I dabbled in the practice of meditation for several years, but suddenly, an urgency came over me, and I began seeking for a deeper understanding about life and about myself. I knew that the practice of meditation was the key. And so it began, nearly 25 years ago, and I have meditated every day of my life since then.

My experiences with meditation

In a very tangible way, meditation has influenced every aspect of my life—from the very mundane, to the very significant aspects of my life. I can say that from the perspective of work, creative endeavors, relationships with friends and family, and even the experiences I have with others I have met for the first time, my meditation life gives more meaning and more joy to my daily experiences. When I meditate the world makes sense and I make sense within the world.


Why I offer meditation classes

The daily practice of meditation is like a jewel, a gift that is given to me each time I sit down to meditate. I offer meditation classes because of the help I am able to offer to others to discover that jewel inside of their own hearts. I will be eternally grateful to those who were inspired to teach seekers in the community like me how to meditate.

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