Our Classes


What can I expect to learn in a meditation course?

Our courses are typically 3 to 4 sessions and cover …

  • Breathing Techniques
  • Concentration and Visualizations Techniques
  • Meditating on the Spiritual Heart
  • Mantras and Elevating Music
  • Consciousness and Achieving Higher States
  • Daily Practice and Illumining Life Habits

Is there a charge for your classes?

Spirituality is something which is deep inside each one of us. It is our birthright. In the ancient Indian tradition and upon the request of Sri Chinmoy all of our meditation classes our offered free of charge.

What should I bring to the class?

No props are needed but we do suggest that you wear light and comfortable clothing. It is also beneficial to avoid a heavy meal prior to attending class.

What kind of meditation do you teach?

Our classes are based on the philosophy of Sri Chinmoy and teach how to meditate on the heart center. The classes are not based on any particular religion but encourage each seeker to discover within them the peace and happiness which are inside their spiritual heart.

Where do you offer classes?

Meditation classes are offered throughout the year in the areas of Hialeah, Miami Lakes, Doral, Miami Springs, Miami Gardens and Miramar. To reach us

Call (786) 207-9100
or use our contact form to obtain the upcoming schedule.


What about classes in other cities in Florida?

Visit us at … https://www.meditationflorida.com

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