What is Meditation?


Meditation is connecting to a higher and deeper part of ourselves. Our experience becomes a spontaneous flow where the mind is quiet and we can embark on a journey of self discovery.

We have all had glimpses of the peace and happiness that meditation brings while watching the sunrise or sitting quietly by a river.

In the words of Sri Chinmoy:

“When we meditate, what we actually do is enter into a vacant, calm, still and silent mind. We go deep within and approach our true existence, which is our soul.”

To perfect the art of meditation the seeker needs to establish three things:

  • A Sacred Space
  • The Discipline of Regular Practice
  • An Environment Which Sustains the Practice

We invite you to attend one of our upcoming meditation classes to learn more about how to meditate by contacting us. You may also visit one of the links below to read more about meditation or learn about other programs being offered in Florida.

Meditation-Silence, episode 11: Silent Meditation

Learn the ancient art of meditation with Sri Chinmoy in this simple exercise

Silent meditation is the strongest force that can ever be seen, felt and executed. How do we meditate silently? Just by not talking, just by not using outer words, we are not doing silent meditation. Silent meditation is totally different. When we start meditating in silence, right from the beginning we feel the bottom of a sea within us and without. The life of activity, movement and restlessness is on the surface, but deep below, underneath our human life, there is poise and silence. So, either we shall imagine this sea of silence within us or we shall feel that we are nothing but a sea of poise itself.”  –Sri Chinmoy

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* Sunrise photo by Prabhakar (Canada)